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Size Charts for ALL Jobst Products
****See below for tips on putting stockings on***



Putting Compression Garments On

The most important thing to remember about compression garments is to wear them everyday. The following tips and tools will help you put on your garments. Wearing your compression garments will deliver the therapy your physician or healthcare provider recommends. It's a habit worth starting.

Sock donning easy hints

1. Push hand inside sock…pinch heel and pull sock partially inside out, leaving foot part of sock turned in.

2. With a firm grasp on each side of the sock, stretch sock over toes, pull to heel, and adjust to fit foot comfortably. (Sock will be on foot with leg portion still inside out.)

3. Reach down and pull up leg portion, turning right side out a section at a time. Stretch and adjust up your calf as you go. Sock top reaches to just below knee.

Pull Turned Sock Over Foot

Work Sock Over Heel

Smooth All Folds Out

Take Off From Top Down

How to put on pantyhose

Helpful Hints

  • Compression garments are easiest to put on when you first get out of bed in the morning, before swelling might occur.
  • Limbs should be dry or have a thin layer of cornstarch or powder applied.
  • Remove rings and jewelry, and wear rubber gloves to prevent fingernails from damaging the garment.
  • Use rubber gloves to help create friction and provide more grip.
  • Spread the fabric evenly – working upward using the rubber gloves for grip.
  • Don't “roll" or “gather" or “bunch up" the fabric, as that will create a sensation of trying to stretch 100 rubber bands.
  • Use a moisturizing cream or lotion on your skin in the evening, when you take off your garments

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